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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

February 04

mind heart body & soul of me ...............
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Going To Sydney

Received bad news sad news trying to
stay positive ,but its not easy.

Will be offline


// posted by sweetspirit @ 3:28 PM
Saturday, February 21, 2004
Still here

Listening to You Remind Me

I like this song ,kinda reminds me of whats happening right now.But of course the lyrics would change a little from girl
to guy hmm well. But how do you tell someone that?

Guess better to avoid the person hmm but thats kinda
slack,oh well whatever gotta go get kewlll hmmmmmm.


// posted by sweetspirit @ 12:43 PM

Saturday's are my whatever day,i never plan
anything for saturday.It's a day i just do what
must be done,then do whatever i want yeah

So i better do what i must then i am going
to spend my afternoon at the beach yeah a nice secluded one.
Wanna come join me hehe,you could be
so lucky haha just being silly.


I will spend at the Bay ,i would go tonight for barbie
but total fire ban because of the heatwave sighz.
The bay is so beautiful

So much to do around newie and the lake but hey i could never ride the 32 km
around the Lake wooo i am to unfit .

Yeah my gym is in here with my pc and i haven't worked out for several days ,too hot .Well any excuse is better than none.

Well gotta go the waves are calling me hehe.

sunrise over the beaches huh
gotta go


// posted by sweetspirit @ 12:04 PM
Friday, February 20, 2004
My Day

So so hot gotta go to the beach soon yeah stay there
until 8pm or 9pm.

So busy today went shopping oh wow did i go
shopping, David Jone's, Wanted Shoe's so luv
their stock,Azir Malayy nice clothes yah,,
tried on some seven jeans

But hmm did really like them heaps of styles
to choose but cost $320:00 hmm guess don't
spend that much on them not yet anyway.
Maybe buy them in winter ,,brrrreeee hehe.
Anyways went to some many places ,cue luv
their stock too,but in the end i went to my
Favorite Store Ice yeah so love icedesigns
my fav store of course yeah bought lots
of nice stuff there.Then went seaching for stil
boots yay of course best place Wanted
Shoe store.so have my outfix now for
Enrique concert,,,yah yum ay hehe.

Then had several meetings made one on time
the rest was very late doh well what to do.
I am only human hehe,and it's very hot
so i am off to the beach yayyyyyyyyyy


// posted by sweetspirit @ 3:23 PM

I freakin hate ittttttttttttttttttt
oneday i will never have 2 do
anything cause of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
My life wil be mine all mine

Gawd i just wanna stomp my feet.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr deep breath
forget it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

// posted by sweetspirit @ 3:19 PM

How much sleep do i need ,more than i have
hehe.Well done my chores yay,just as well
today will be like 41 deg boo hoo and i have
to go so many places drat's .

My best will have a c section today,her 5th
baby .Today we were trying to decide on
what to name him .We have this thing
about names you know ,we have to make
sure that the name isn't the same as some one
we don't like haha.Yeah who wants to be reminded
of a person they don't like.Anyways wish i could
go see her but ,i can't at this time sighz.
She is 8.5 hrs away from me oh well.

Anyways i am in a chatroom so i betta go
chat nag whatever.


// posted by sweetspirit @ 1:37 AM
Thursday, February 19, 2004
More Like Me ,,,,Less Like You

Yeah wanna be more like me ,less like you haha jj
just joking.
Lately i think i am becoming more like Jessica Simpson
yeah don't wanna do housework hehe,and of course
we have onething in common.You wondering what
it is haha guess its two things ,,don't like cleaning
and have huge bath to clean i hate climbing inside
my bath yah.

I need a housemaid any offers hehe open to male
and female hehe jj.

Well i did watch Once upon a time in mexico ,arhh
i love it could watch it again again again nagian hehe.

Well i had busy busy day so tired zzzz .Went to bed
early last night,only to be woken by a call grrrr .So
hate it when i leave my phone downstairs yah.

Well i am really too tired to blog about n e thing
worth while zzzzz need sleep badly and must clean
my bedroom n walkin robe boo hoo sighz.

Yeah better go clean

Listen to Guns n Roses

November Rain


// posted by sweetspirit @ 5:30 PM
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Once Upon A Time In Mexico

I have been going to watch this movie for the past few
weeks, ho hum what to say i just have an over load of dvd's to watch n get caught up on here chatting my life away.

Anyway decided to skip through it today,the dvd not my
life hehe .Yeah i only wanted to watch Enrique
strong> can't believe its been sitting here for so long
and i didn't watch it earlier hmmm his yum ay ,,hehe

So anyway decided i better watch it tonight ,plus a few others too many to list.

Anyway gonna go and live in real world for awhile
been spending too much time online chatting .
Hmm wanted to fix this blog up properly, just
i just have too many ppl on my im that i don't
even recall 90% of them,well ya get that ,,yah.

ok gotta go


// posted by sweetspirit @ 6:16 PM
Soulmate,,,,,Or ,,,,,,Perfect Match


// posted by sweetspirit @ 11:06 AM
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Must Do List

My mind is so consumed with Enrique concert hehe,yeah
while driving i see Sydney signs and think ''oh 26 days to
yay yes so can't wait.Haha i am driving everyone crazy.

When i went to my tickets i couldn't believe the guy behind the counter.He said he lost my seats ,i was like huh what
in my mind thinking this guy don't know what his doing
blah blah .He asked for payment ,then says oh i lost your seats hmmm i wasn't impressed .Thinking get me some others ,better still get some one over here who knows hows to use the pc and book my tickets .So his blabing
on i was like gawd plz get someone over here to sort
this out.Then finally he asks another guy to come over and help him.Phew lucky the other guy knew what he was doing,finally got my tickets and left for Newie foreshore
decide to go up the tower and see the views so nice.

Then home to put my tickets in a safe place,,yeah .
So now i just count down the days ,i am like
a child waiting for santa to come hehe.

Anyways i so can't wait ,i wish i didn't have other
places to go on that day,cause i could of spent the
whole weekend in Darling Harbour

Oh well guess we will leave about 1:30pm it's only 1:20 min to Sydney from my place,its getting through the city
that is more time consuming.

Well i will be taking heaps of pic n videos of my trip
and will put some up on my imagestation.

Anyway i have lots too do,gotta go edit some videos
Help a friend with pc prob's and some housework.
I beta go do it

// posted by sweetspirit @ 12:08 PM
Things To Do ,,,,Places To Go

Listening to Savage Garden DVD,,,It's too good

Well right now i am so tired,need to go back to bed hmmm
and sleep for a week hehe.

Yes i have been spending too much time online,but what to do i am addicted hehe,yeah right whatever.

Well i have been catching up with old chat friends,its
kewl some chat friends or virtual chat friends of
mine just seem to always come back into my life.
Even when we have lost contact for several months or a year ,but nothing seems to change .We just pick up
from where we left sounds crazy but it's kewl.

I like having chat friends like that ,its kinda like nothing changes between us in that time,guess because if a friendship never crosses over the line to become more
you can never loose it .

Thats the best thing about friendship just staying friends.
I don't why but most of my male friends always want to be more than friends hmm that gets annoying at times
and so then i always avoid them for awhile .

But anyways whatever hehe,i have been given some
of the most beautiful poems in regard to friendship
the nicest one i received last week,its so beautiful
that i can't share it online cause it's mine hehe
and it's titled Best Friends i thank you my bfriend
for such beautiful words and shall never forget ta.

Anyway as they say there is no better gift than
friendship ,throughout it all a true friend will
accept your faults and differences and not
judge you as there is not such thing as
perfection in humans.

Poetry for today ...

What more can i say ,but leave you with this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Could we but draw back the curtain, that surrounds each others lives,
see the naked heart and spirit; know what spur the action gives;
often we would find it better, purer then we think we would.
We would love each other better, if we only understood.
Author Unknown

// posted by sweetspirit @ 11:10 AM
Monday, February 16, 2004
The many forms of Art

I wonder how many people consider tattoos as a art form.
I myself consider it to be ,although the tatooist must be
skilled to apply his artwork or obviously the work will
look like ,,,,,whatever is that thing.

I was reading my fav Malaysian site the star

Tattoo Journals
I must say i like the tat's design on Terence and Jessia,
i am currently trying to decide what my next tat will be.

Yes i have two tat's ,a black rose on my right side
lower back and a redback spider on my left,,,,,,,,,

But i am not going to have a pic of anything,i am
choosing a chinese symbol i believe i will choose


Yes its a personal thing but i do like destiny also,
anyways if ur thinking of getting a chinese symbol
do go to Andres Leo site ,i might get have the dragon

Song for today,,,Differences ,,,by Ginuwine

Well that is all from me for today
Gotta go tc'z

// posted by sweetspirit @ 11:30 AM
Sunday, February 15, 2004
Book Worm

Yes tonight i am going to spend a few hours reading
i am really too tired to blog.

I just had such a busy day going here n there zzzzz

Well i gotta spend more time drawing n painting n
less time blogging boo hoo .

Anyways listening to Cras n Burn ,,Savage Garden

Reading The world of Leonardo
The world of Michelangelo

Yes they were my bargin buys today at q's
Anyways might blog about it another time

Nightzzzz tc'zz

// posted by sweetspirit @ 11:14 PM
zzzzzz tired
Thinking about you

Watched rage this morning how strange that on rage
they played My Immortal,,then Here Without You,,,,,
Then When Your Gone,,,, n then Numb luv them songs

Well yeah the above isn't strange ,but in the afternoon
while listening too nxfm they played the same songs
in the same order ,,,,yeah whatever gonna go now
have n early start in the morning boohoo no zzz in.

Nightzzz tc'zzzz

// posted by sweetspirit @ 1:58 AM
Saturday, February 14, 2004
zzzzzz soooo zzzzzsleepyzzzzzzzzz
Must go to bed oh might go watch rage or Savage Garden
dvd hmm to the moon n back ,yah thats my song hehe
yeah i just like too many songs.

I so can't wait until i go to Sydney n c Enrique hmmmm
yeah thinking nothing better go wrong on that day.Nah
it won't it will be a perfect day n night.

Well i really gotta go to bed ,for 1 hr zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
winkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Maybe oh i love that song
oh no off topic again ,will fall asleep here zzzzzzzzzzzz
nightzzzzzz tc'z

// posted by sweetspirit @ 6:01 AM
Around the globe on V Day

In Newie we have pash off woo the
things ppl will do 4 2g you can read
about it here nxfm

As i couldn't be bothered blogging
too much more im all blogged out
all i know is the longest pash was
around 31.5 hrs wooooooooooo
and that in a average life time
the average person will spend 2 wks

Well i was amazed to read this article
on V day Kissing
guess itz happening all over the world ,
well soon enough,, as time goes by.

Well to my lost lone w ,my song to
you on this day,Here without you
lost without you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Are you happy now ,whatever
gotta go

// posted by sweetspirit @ 2:05 AM
''''''''HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY'''''''

So what will i do today hmm on this
v day zzzz sleep n watch rage hmm
not giving any cards v day is soooo
over rated hehe for yrs u have
been able to buy cards for anyone
brothers sisters daughters sons
huh going too far.

Anywayz last yr i spent the day
going to my fav spots in Newie
Whata beautiful day,walking
along Redhead beach in the rain
yeah i didn't need a companion
the rain fell softly upon me.
I love it walkn in the rain
of course then i went to
another fav place my
jungle n paradise of
solitude .Next week i
will add some pic's to my
album ,yah u gotta go
there if ya wanna c me
with my Valentine mwa
just click on the album
link if ya curious hehe.


// posted by sweetspirit @ 1:48 AM
Star gazing ,,,I love it
Walking in the rain ,,I luv it
On the beach,,,,,,,yah i luv it
I luv being alone
Doing my own thing
Strange nah thats just me

Oh well
So many mistakes on my blog
silly pc hehe yeah blame
my pc ,no not me not i
not my fault haha

Okies now update

I want Calvin Klein

everything hehe, nah i want Eternity love eau de parfum
why cause itz limited edition "sighz"

I also want One eau de parfum
and a picture of you hehe.

Of course i want Calvin Klein clothing
as mine is wearing thin hehe,yah
like some of his styles.
Anywayz i we all want itz in our
nature to want hehe.

Well i should listen to some
music hmm savage garden
hmm Enrique yeahhhhhhh
so can't wait to c him only
4 weeks n 38hrs yayzzzz

Yeah i will not stop raving
about him ,but will blog
about him lata.
Oh so Enrique n Anna
broke up a month ago
so say,,and yesterday
Barbie n Ken broke
up haha i mean who
really cares about Barbie
n Ken how stupid blah.

// posted by sweetspirit @ 1:09 AM
Oh No
My pc is going crazy n freezing and
having fits hahaha what to do doh
btw i hate hommer hehe anyways
i am not gonna fiddle about for hrs
with the blog hmm whatever add
more soon ,time for coffee yah

// posted by sweetspirit @ 1:05 AM
What A Girl Wants ..Nah What Zis Girl Wantz

All i wanted for xmas was a piture of you "sighz"
but you left n never said goodbye hmm just like
Bon Jovi sings never say goodbye

Oh well what do i want seems like everyone is going
crazy over Valentines Day ,well i could put a wish list
on here hehe maybe they will come true haha.

My wish List

Calvin Kleins Eternity snizzz hmmm nice
Calvin Klei One snizzz hmmm nice
oh but the guy in the add wooo can i
see more of him hehe just joking.

Whatz else do i want a picture of you
Hmm and i though i knew what i wanted
Oh well hmm still thinking

// posted by sweetspirit @ 12:41 AM
Friday, February 13, 2004
Interesting site's

Well i was searching for e3 updates as
a friend of mine always attends e3
yeah lucky him always jetting outta
oz hehe.

Guess this year is good for him as
the aussie dollar is at it's best rate
in several years .You can read it
here I am sure many ppl hope it stays
at that rate ,makes importing from the "USA"
worth while .Although i must admit we mainly
import games from Hong Kong ,why they work
out much cheaper and are available much
earlier than in oz .Not to mention it takes at the
most four days only to receive ,,kewl,, hey.

Anyway this was a site i found interesting

Well i betta go

// posted by sweetspirit @ 4:15 PM
Friday The 13th

Well no one seems to be blogging about
D day ,everyone is consumed with V day
not D day .
Well i must say it's toned
down this year although black balloons
where throughout the shopping center.
Not to mention women dressed in black
with witches hats on hehe,most guys
probably thinking women are witches
hehehe yeah of course we are lah.

Anyways i guess it's been long time since
Friday the 13th fell in febuary,but really
i don't know and i don't care.

Yes of course there are red balloons
every where,and lots of teddies
hug n mwa teddies hmm so cute.
But i have my valentine teddy
yeah n his cute n cuddly.

Well it's too hot sitting here
gonna go for a swim yay.
Maybe i will make more sense
lata hehe.

// posted by sweetspirit @ 1:53 AM
Thursday, February 12, 2004
Dreams zzzzzz Too Tired

Well yeah too tired to fix my blog, need
zzzzz sleep badly arhhh zzzzzland was
gonna blog about dreams.

Well maybe just a little blog about dreams
As i stated i have many chat friends,some
never chat about dreams.One chat friend
he never really bothered chatting about
the meaning of dreams.Even when i told
him i had a dream i was in his house.

He was like mmm ,i told him in my dream
there were archways in his house .He
really wasn't interested "sigh".

But what amazed me was when we
used the webcam ,there they were
archways.I started chatting about
the dream i had about this but
still he didn't seem interested in
my dream.

Oh well he had so many
dreams to but ones he wanted
to achieve personally, so after
three years of chatting and
keeping in touch .

We lost what
we shared but memories last
forever,well until they fade
like faded dreams.
Reminds me of a song titled
lonely dancers yeah luv it.

Anywayz one of my other chat
friends is right into dreams
and their meanings which is
kewl ,cause we having been
having some in depth
conversation's in regard to
dreams.But i can't blog about
him as his a very private person
and i think it's best i not blog
about his dreams.

Then i do have another chat friend
who say's dreams are nothing,huh
yeah thats his thought's oh well
everyone to their own.

As for me
I believe our dreams are telling us
something,and we all know some
come true and others don't.

Is it our Subconscious mind

I like the above site as it lists numerous subjects
in relation to the human body ect and of course
the sub conscious mind .

I often thought that my dreams were in relation
to my thought's from the day gone by,hmmmm.

But then i would have dreams about things that
i never thought about hmmm strange .

Some books i read years ago ,stated to keep
a diary of dreams .But you must write down
your dream as soon as you awaken from it.
yeah like 4am haha ,that's hard work still
half asleep zzzz lah

okies enough blah blah blahs from me
gotta go chat nightzzz and take care

// posted by sweetspirit @ 11:31 PM
Still Thinking

A close friend once told me,don't think too
much hmmm okies i will take his advise.

Firstly i have a habit of drifting from one
conversation to the next without finishing
the first ,oh well .

I'm thinking must fix blog blah sighs

Blog about dreams n reality huh

Blog about Valentine's Day

Seems most bloggers are
blogging about Valentines day
mwa mwa mwa mwa
hehe ,yeah mushy ushy
stuff ,but hey i so love
Usher's song "Help Me''
Although i have the cut version yeah here
are the uncut lyrics

Have no idea how correct they are as
i haven't heard the uncut version.

Anyways i gotta go will post again tonight
b4 i go to zzzzland ,

// posted by sweetspirit @ 3:52 PM

Hmmm thinking thinking thinking ,i so have
to fix this blog up.So much for lunch as
usual i never meet ppl when i say i will.
Well i do but i am always late or change
plans at last minute.So sorry Nick i do
miss you heaps,don't worry i won't
spend my days n nights blogging.

I know you think oh no she is gonna
go back to blogging and forget every1
in the real world .Believe me i know
i spent too much time doing this
last yr and i won't okies.Love U

// posted by sweetspirit @ 3:45 PM
Whispers i am so tired,been playing around on here
for over two hours.Guess i really need to fix up
things on this blog ,but hey its been awhile so
i have to refresh my memory hehe.

Anyways maybe tonight i will spend some
time fixing it up.As for now i am in demand
haha yeah gotta go out for lunch n shop
n do lots of stuff back lata

// posted by sweetspirit @ 11:22 AM
Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Well it's still 39 deg hmm just blogging cause i am
sick of chatting.Wow in the past few months i have made over 600 chats friends ,yeah too many but of course i had
to block about 60 of em.
Yeah ya get that ,its kinda like blogs ya never really know who the person is ya chatting with, or the person behind
the blog hmm could be anyone she could be a he or the other way round .But hey my advise don't take ppl too serious .As for me well, lots of chatters know me ,cause we
visit the same site's ect but i won't list them at this time.

Anyway in future i shall blog about more interesting topic
hmmm ,although i could imagine the above blog could be
interesting.Maybe i will add a comment box yeah oneday

Well gonna go 4 a swim

// posted by sweetspirit @ 3:55 PM
Oh so long since i have been here

But because it's 39 deg and i need to keep kewl i am sitting
here being lazy hehe,what a life can it get any better.Of
course it can ,that's what life is about living learning and
new experiences yeah whatever .I think the heat is getting to me haha gotta go for a swim ,blog lata whatever tc

// posted by sweetspirit @ 2:44 PM

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